The Fish Eaters

Detlef Tibax - The Fish Eaters - 120 x 70 - Acrylic on Canvas.jpg

The Fish Eaters

Detlef Tibax

David Shepherd 'Art of Survival' Award

The Fish Eaters
Detlef Tibax
Artwork Category
Animal Behaviour
Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Size (cm)
120 x 70 cm



“The Fish Eaters” depicts a large scene of crocodiles relaxing on the river bank of the Tinga river in Zakouma (Chad) as witnessed by Detlef Tibax whilst travelling there. He said: “These individuals are almost exclusively eating fish and would often slide into the water to catch them and lift them onto the river bank. A spectacular event to witness.”


Detlef Tibax is a passionate wildlife artist from Belgium who uses art as a medium to raise as much funding for conservation as possible. To realise this, he launched a non-profit in 2020 and has since donated close to £12,000 to charities. Wildlife ‘artivism’ and the art of reconnecting people to the wild is his professional focus in life.