Silverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla

Bastien Bonhomme

Silverback Gorilla
Bastien Bonhomme
Artwork Category
Animal Behaviour
Bronze Sculpture
Artwork Size (cm)
32 x 42 x 27 cm x 16 kg



Bastien Bonhomme is a French sculptor. Bastien says: “I wanted to give an expression and show the human behaviour (sulky) to an animal so close to us and to insist on the contrast between the powerful brute of the animal and the delicacy in the way it is peeling its banana.” Edition size 12. Available to DSWF: 1 (No 4/8).


Born in 1990, Bastien Bonhomme is an engineer who graduated from Arts et Metiers ParisTech. For several years he held various positions of responsibility in this field. In 2018, driven by an irrepressible need to indulge in a manual activity, Bonhomme naturally turned to sculpture, and animal sculptures emerged as an obvious choice. Indeed, since his early childhood, the artist has been particularly receptive to the beauty and diversity of wildlife. He likes reinterpreting this fascinating world according to his perception and imagination.