Our Cousins Under Threat

Our Cousins Under Threat

Our Cousins Under Threat

Angie Wallace

Our Cousins Under Threat
Angie Wallace
Artwork Category
Facing Extinction
Pastel on PastelMat
Artwork Size (cm)
96 x 43cm



Angie Wallace is an artist based in Surrey. She says: “Our closest relatives in the natural world – The Great Apes – are also some of the most endangered; threatened by deforestation, war and poaching. Capturing their spirit with powerful eye contact forces the viewer to see them not as animals, but as individual, intelligent, emotional beings that experience love, pain, and fear just as we do.”


Combining a life-long fascination with nature with a passion for art has inspired Surrey artist Angie Wallace to create stunning images of animals and birds in coloured pencil and pastel. From dramatic statement pieces to intimate portraits, she brings each subject’s character and environment to life, offering you a window into their world that you will enjoy looking at for many years to come. Amazingly realistic, and packed full of intricate detail for you to explore, each piece is the result of many hours of work (and years of experience!) and tens of thousands of individual pencil strokes.