New Beginnings


New Beginnings

Jonathan Truss

New Beginnings
Jonathan Truss
Artwork Category
Animal Behaviour
Oil on Sand with Resin
Artwork Size (cm)
106 x 106 cm



Describing his artwork “New Beginnings” Jonathan says: “It’s incredible how instinct and moonlight drive the newly born turtles to the water. I was trying ways to make the water look real and adding real sand into the mix too. The resin can be very effective but can also be very unpredictable to work with. It’s really difficult to paint on sand too, certainly to any degree of detail.”


Jonathan Truss has been a wildlife painter for 25 years. He has had exhibitions in New York, London, LA and Kenya and was a featured guest artist with P&O and Cunard between 2011 and 2017. He was previously a musician, actor and cabaret artist and his art career has seen him signed by 2 leading fine art publishers. He has illustrated travel guides and has been commissioned to write and illustrate ‘How to Paint & Draw Animals’, which is sold worldwide and in many languages. He has annually led art safaris on five continents, made many TV appearances and featured in national and international magazines.