Meeting at Waterlilies


Meeting at Waterlilies

Vera Evseeva

Meeting at Waterlilies
Vera Evseeva
Artwork Category
Earth's Wild Beauty
Pastel Pencils & Soft Pastel
Artwork Size (cm)
46 x 30 cm



Such an amazing world is hidden in the places so familiar to us – a park or a pond next to the house. We usually call a ‘wildlife/wilderness’ something big, more global and very distant. Vera Evseeva’s pastel drawing “Meeting at Waterlilies” reminds us not to forget about the life that surrounds us. The world of wild nature is amazing and diverse in all corners of the planet!


Vera Evseeva is a Russian pastel artist, based in Moscow. Evseeva graduated from the School of Art in Moscow (a course in Academic Drawing and Painting) in 2013. She is also a member of different international art societies, including SGFA, TWASI and the National Pastel Society of Russia. Evseeva has always been passionate about wildlife and nature. This is why she is so specialised and so passionate about the subject. She always tries to catch every detail of the animals she is drawing, but moreover, she conveys their character through her works.