Kalahari Strike

Stefano Zagaglia - Kalahari Strike - 160 x 40 - Oil on Canvas.jpg

Kalahari Strike

Stefano Zagaglia

Kalahari Strike
Stefano Zagaglia
Artwork Category
Animal Behaviour
Oil on Canvas
Artwork Size (cm)
160 x 40 cm



Describing his oil painting, Stefano says: “Two cheetahs launch themselves on a herd of oryx creating confusion and making them run away in every direction, just like a bowling ball. The authors of the dynamic, broken composition are almost invisible, hidden by the dust, by the intrigue of the horns and by a group of sandgrouse that flies away. A dance that risks being just a memory.”


Stefano Zagaglia believes painting is a completely self-made process. He loves to paint his subjects and tries to capture their beauty. Stefano focuses on their gaze and he likes to make the portraits ‘real’ so that the dignity, intensity and desire for life are prevalent. He believes that this is the way to move man’s conscience. Stefano believes that his work is a tribute to nature and the animals that inspire him. He has participated in DSWF’s Wildlfie Artist of the Year several times, earning awards in 2014 and 2016 and was a special guest in 2015.