Guillemots in the Kelp

Sarah Drummond - Guillemots in the Kelp

Guillemots in the Kelp

Sarah Drummond

Guillemots in the Kelp
Sarah Drummond
Artwork Category
Into the Blue
Linocut Reduction Block Print
Artwork Size (cm)
15 x 70 cm



Most people think of birds as synonymous with the element of air, but some species are better adapted to water. Pigeon guillemots are fun to observe at the surface, but some of the most important parts of their lives take place underwater. Sarah says: “Imagining this aquatic world was an enjoyable challenge.”


Sarah Drummond is an artist and naturalist with a life-long passion for exploring the world of animals. Her writing and artwork have appeared in a variety of venues, including the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. She is the creator of a wordless children’s book entitled ‘Raven and the Red Ball’, published by Pomegranate Press. Sarah spends her summers in the lush fjords of south eastern Alaska, working as a naturalist and guide on a vintage wooden charter boat. During the rest of the year, she works as a freelance artist, illustrator, and teacher.