Greenlandic Dawn, 2020


Greenlandic Dawn, 2020

Nicholas Jones

Greenlandic Dawn, 2020
Nicholas Jones
Artwork Category
Earth's Wild Beauty
Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Size (cm)
76 x 61 cm



Nicholas Jones is a British artist who says: “the mesmerising qualities of Arctic light and the extraordinary ways it interacts with ice and snow has long been a fascination for me. Here that ethereal light is contrasted with the weight and solidity of the mountains, which seem to float above the perfectly still water.”


Nicholas Jones is a British landscape painter, who for the last three decades has explored the rich terrain between abstraction and figuration. Nicholas’s most recent work has focused on the Arctic and the fascinating way in which such a rich and varied beauty can be created from the simplest of elements: ice, rock, water and light. His appointment in 2018 as ‘Arctic Artist in Residence’ with the Scott Polar Research Institute provided him with a wonderful opportunity to immerse himself in the light and landscape of the region and was the catalyst for a significant new body of work.