Going Nowhere

Ze Ze Lai - Going Nowhere - 56 x 76 - Mixed Media

Going Nowhere

Ze Ze Lai

Going Nowhere
Ze Ze Lai
Artwork Category
Earth's Wild Beauty
Mixed Media
Artwork Size (cm)
56 x 76 cm



Ze Ze Lai was born in Hong Kong and is a former Wildlife Artist of the Year Category Winner. In her artwork “Going Nowhere” Ze Ze wanted to bring attention to the plight of penguins, their habitat is getting less due to climate change and they cannot survive without enough sea ice.


Ze Ze Lai was born in Hong Kong. She is an artist specialising in watercolour. Through her distinctive manipulation of brushwork and water technique, she creates dream-like and mystical scenes, capable of bringing her viewers on a journey and voyage through their imagination. It is through the creation of its atmosphere, that the different feelings of happiness, sadness or spontaneity are brought out and experienced by the viewer. Her work has been widely exhibited all over the world in Asia, Europe and America and has won numerous awards.