Frenzy By The Coast


Frenzy By The Coast

Nadya Steare

Frenzy By The Coast
Nadya Steare
Artwork Category
Human Impact
Oil on Plastic Bottle Caps
Artwork Size (cm)
35 x 28 cm



During a weekend trip to the beach last summer, Nadya watched a colony of seagulls comb through a dumpster filled to the brim with trash. As they searched for food, they scattered the ground with plastic bottle caps and a picture frame. Nadya collected the bottle tops and the picture frame and created this piece.


Nadya Steare is an American artist currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at George Mason University. Her personal journey towards sustainable living is reflected in the usage of recycled and earth-based materials in her artwork. Ultimately, she intends to transition her creative practice to all naturally-sourced product alternatives. She is a recipient of the 2020 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship and has exhibited her work in galleries including the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Torpedo Factory and Delaplaine Arts Center.