Fire, Rebirth and Hope, Tasmanian Devil

Fire Rebirth and Hope, Tasmanian Devil

Fire, Rebirth and Hope, Tasmanian Devil

Cynthia House

Fire, Rebirth and Hope, Tasmanian Devil
Cynthia House
Artwork Category
Facing Extinction
Acrylic and Mixed Media
Artwork Size (cm)
90 x 90 cm



Cynthia House is an Australian artist living in Queensland. In Australia’s Black Summer of 2019-2020, 1 billion animals perished and 30,000,000 hectares were destroyed. The growing intensity and frequency of fires in Australia serves as a disturbing reminder of global warming. Cynthia was deeply affected by the sight of devastation on this scale. She said “it was heart wrenching and I will forever be affected by what has been lost in my country.”


Cynthia House is an artist who grew up on a remote sheep and wheat property in rural Australia. Painting primarily in acrylic, a medium that allows her the broadest range of experimentation, she has shaped an artistic course with a conscious decision to never limit her artistic vision and to always paint stories that excite the imagination. Her love of the natural world began as a child, developing into a deep concern for the many at risk and endangered species that inspire her creativity. Cynthia still lives in Queensland, Australia today.