Fantasy Rhinoceros


Fantasy Rhinoceros

Anran Zhou

Fantasy Rhinoceros
Anran Zhou
Artwork Category
Human Impact
Ink & Etching
Artwork Size (cm)
20 x 15 cm (etching printed onto 45 x 35 cm paper)



Anran Zhou’s piece “Fantasy Rhinoceros” was created in the University of the Arts, London. Anran was inspired by Albrecht Durer’s rhinoceros artwork. In describing the artwork Anran says: “This work is an abstract mixture of human emotions, memories and fantasies brought together in single animal form. It expresses wild animals as the carriers of human consciousness under the impact of human beings.”


Born in 2001, Anran Zhou is a young contemporary artist who has studied and lived in Hungary, China and Britain, eventually going on to major in Illustration at the University of the Arts London. Her works of art mainly focus on the global ecological environment and educational issues. In 2019, she was awarded the title of “Young Diplomat of SDG4 and SE4ALL of the United Nations”. Her works of art have been exhibited and featured in publications including Celadon on the Table, NO SPACE Exhibition Cyberpunk, UAL CSSA Exhibition Post-Mass Media and æ— å²¸offshore Magazine.