Ebony & Ivory

A painting by Jessica McGee called Ebony and Ivory

Ebony & Ivory

Jessica McGee

Ebony & Ivory
Jessica McGee
Artwork Size (cm)
29cm x 21cm


About The Piece:
Ebony & Ivory is a watercolour painting, inspired by the endangered rhinoceros. This piece was made in response to the number of rhinos that have been poached during the last decade; 9,885. In 2020, it was recorded that 394 rhinos had been slaughtered, the lowest number since 2012 but still too high. I hope to send a strong message through the painting. It is not meant to be a pretty painting. It is meant to shock people.

At least 50% of the proceeds from this sale will support the charitable work of  David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) and our ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia.