Chasing the Wave

Chasing the Wave

Paul Eaton

Chasing the Wave
Paul Eaton
Artwork Category
Into the Blue
Artwork Size (cm)
12 x 8 x 6 cm x 525gms



Most seabirds are at home being above the waves, penguins are more than happy diving through them. Paul Eaton’s inspiration for his solid bronze sculpture “Chasing the Wave” is the effortless ability penguins show porpoising through the waves.


Born in London in 1955, Paul Eaton is a Goldsmith and Silversmith by trade and has had a lifelong interest in wildlife. Paul has also practised the art of falconry and, from this appreciation of a bird in flight, he has produced sculptures in solid bronze and solid silver. He has also produced many other commissioned sculptures ranging from animals, birds and fish to human figures and boats for clients over the past 30 years. For the past ten years, Eaton has been exhibiting his sculptures in various Miniature Art Society Shows and art galleries that have enabled his sculptures to be showcased and enjoyed all over the world.