Call of the Wild – Moon Gaze

Call of the Wild – Moon Gaze

Nick Mackman

Call of the Wild – Moon Gaze
Nick Mackman
Raku-fired ceramic sculpture
Artwork Size (cm)
25 x 40 x 17cm x 2.6kg



The howl of the wolf is deeply embedded in human myth and culture. Its haunting lament touches a primeval fear passed down to us from our ancestors who once shared ancient forests with these formidable beasts. The ritual symbolism is no less significant for the wolves themselves. Howling promotes bonding and unity, announces their presence and defines their territory. Pups learn to howl from just a few weeks old. It’s an instinctive response for them. An initiation into the pack. Today, of course, humans have nothing to fear from wolves. It’s we who threaten them through population pressure, habitat loss, and ignorance. As an artist, Nick strives to promote awareness and understanding of her subjects. ‘Call of the Wild’ celebrates the ritual of the wolf howl, the grace and dignity of these magnificent animals, and the deep cultural connection we share with them.


Nick Mackman’s art is informed by her life-long love of animals and most of her sculptures are based on observations made in the wild, reflecting a concern for preserving endangered species. Nick grew up with a dog by her side and learned from an early age that every animal has its own distinctive personality. As an artist, her work is a continually evolving exploration of animal behaviour. Nick never starts a new piece without making that connection with her subject. She needs to understand the animal, its environment, behaviour and personality; know its story and what it’s feeling.