Blant Det Gronne (Among The Green)

Mona Angeltun - Blant Det Grønne (Among the Green) - 40 x 30 - Pastel.jpg

Blant Det Gronne (Among The Green)

Mona Angeltun

Blant Det Gronne (Among The Green)
Mona Angeltun
Artwork Category
Animal Behaviour
Pastel on Paper
Artwork Size (cm)
40 x 30 cm



The artist, Mona Angeltun, talks about what inspired her to draw her artwork: “On this wonderful planet we live on, there is life wherever we turn. If we look among the green, we can find curious creatures who have been observing us for a while. Sometimes in life we need to search in new places to find opportunities that have been staring at us all along.”


Mona Angeltun is a self-taught artist from Norway. Her art reflects her love for animals and nature. Her realistic style is accompanied by the creative use of colours. Both the sharp details and the soft expression are achieved using different types of pastel. Through her art style, she conveys the happiness and excitement that real-life encounters with animals and nature provide. The scenery enhances the heart and soul of the animal being portrayed. She mainly uses reference photos taken by herself or her husband. By doing this she can compose scenes more in line with her artistic vision.