Arctic Giant

Sarah Jackson - Arctic Giant

Arctic Giant

Sarah Jackson

Arctic Giant
Sarah Jackson
Artwork Category
Into the Blue
Mixed Media (Cardboard & Collage)
Artwork Size (cm)
62 x 91 cm



Animals and the environment are extremely important to Sarah Jackson and she is very concerned about the threats these Arctic giants face with the rapid loss of sea ice due to global warming. As their homes melt beneath them they must change their behaviour and eating habits to accommodate this. Naturally congregating in large herds Sarah wants people to consider seriously the question “will our actions lead to the depletion of this species until we are left with just one?”


Sarah Jackson is a collage artist based on the South-West coast of England. She studied Illustration at Falmouth University and now works as a full-time artist selling work internationally. Working from her studio gallery, she uses recycled magazines and, more recently, cardboard and plastics to layer and create detailed artworks with 3D elements inspired by the natural world. Animals and the environment have always been very important to Sarah and by using recycled and found materials she looks to raise awareness through her work.