Appendix 1

Tusk, wooden sculpture, by Simon Max Bannister

Appendix 1

Simon Max Bannister

Appendix 1
Simon Max Bannister
Wooden Sculpture
Artwork Size (cm)
122cm Long

£1,850 (Excludes Delivery / POstage & Packaging)

Depicting an ivory tusk, ‘Appendix 1’ is a beautiful and thought-provoking sculpture highlighting the plight of elephants. Made from a single piece of natural wood, this shows how art can be beautiful without ever using ivory.

International deliveries: Please note that in addition to delivery/postage and packing costs, the buyer may also incur import/export costs for international deliveries depending on artwork and delivery location.

50% from the sale of this artwork will support DSWF’s work protecting endangered species across Africa and Asia.