Anyone Out There?

Anyone Out there?

Anyone Out There?

Joni-Leigh Doran

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Anyone Out There?
Joni-Leigh Doran
Artwork Category
Facing Extinction
Oil on Canvas
Artwork Size (cm)
60 x 80 cm



After reading an article published over a year ago in The Guardian, Joni-Leigh was inspired to paint “Anyone Out There?”. In the article scientists predicted for the first time when, where and how polar bears are likely to disappear, warning that if greenhouse gas emissions stay on their current trajectory all but a few polar bear populations in the Arctic will probably be gone by 2100.


Joni-Leigh Doran is a South African artist working predominantly in the traditional medium of oil paint on canvas and linen. Formally trained as a graphic designer, Joni-Leigh is largely self-taught, having worked under renowned South African artist Ryno Swart during his later years. She is influenced by the techniques of the Classical Masters, and her work combines a sense of realism with deep emotional undertones. Her colour palette and brushwork suggest high levels of spontaneity with strong influences from nature and the elements.