Any Thoughts?

Painting by Penel Kirk Ttitled Any Thoughts?

Any Thoughts?

Penel Kirk

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Any Thoughts?
Penel Kirk
Artwork Size (cm)
46cm x 36cm


About the piece:
Penelope lives in the Cotswolds and for many years worked as a textile designer in London/New York/Hong Kong/India. In the 1990’s she set up a textile design studio in Australia before returning to the UK in 2000 when she started working as a fine artist alongside her commercial work. Penel works in a variety of mediums, oil on canvas and mixed medium using acrylics, liquid graphite and watercolour pencil on paper building up layers of texture and drips to create detail in the work.

Since January 2019 she has been concentrating on a body of work inspired by the endangered species of our planet with a percentage of sales of these artworks being donated to the relevant charities of the animals depicted, an ongoing project which she is excited to build on. Penel comments on “Any Thoughts” – “Rhesus Macaque monkeys are very in tune to each other and what is going on around them. These highly intelligent animals thrive on socialisation in their natural habitat and adults may sit close to each other and even touch each other’s faces to facilitate this. The close-cropped hair on their heads accentuates their very expressive faces with which they can show a myriad of emotions. Like human beings monkeys’ social feelings can change based on stress from their environment and their gestural repertoire is also akin to that of their fellow primates.”

At least 50% of the proceeds from this sale will support the charitable work of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) and our ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia.