An Angel in Paradise

Laurence Saunois - An Angel in Paradise

An Angel in Paradise

Laurence Saunois

An Angel in Paradise
Laurence Saunois
Artwork Category
Oil on Aluminium
Artwork Size (cm)
70 x 113 xm



Laurence’s painting represents a common butterfly (found in our gardens) in the light of the setting sun flying over white peonies. The animal and plant world, all dressed in white, symbolizes the original beauty, purity and life. The butterfly with its outstretched wings is like an angel flying over the paradise in bloom.


Laurence Saunois was born in 1966 near Paris and this self-taught artist decided in 2007 to make her passion her profession. She became a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists and The International Guild of Realism – USA. In 2010, in England, she won the International Artist of the Year Award at the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. Since then her work has been regularly awarded and exhibited worldwide. One of her paintings is in the collection of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. In 2018, the prestigious Art Renewal Center Foundation awarded her the title of Associate Living Master.