After the Rain

Lieze Meyer - After the Rain - 150 x 100 - Oil on Canvas.jpg

After the Rain

Lieze Meyer

After the Rain
Lieze Meyer
Artwork Category
Animal Behaviour
Oil on Canvas
Artwork Size (cm)
150 x 100 cm



Lieze Meyer found the antics of these Chacma baboons highly entertaining to watch as they interact in their troops. The young males were splashing in the water after the rain, displaying their dominance/hierarchy through play. Lieze got so much pleasure from watching them that it inspired her to depict this fleeting moment of communication between the two young males. Lieze comments: “animal behaviour never ceases to amaze me.”


Lieze Meyer is a trained graphic artist with a BA in Graphic Design from Stellenbosch University. She works with oils and uses a very minimal palette which results in calm, monochromatic paintings. With her graphic background, she loves drawing and starts off with loose charcoal drawing on the canvas which forms the basis of the movement and structure in the painting. Lieze strives to bring to life and make people aware of the beauty hidden in the not so often painted creatures of this world, telling a story or catching that fleeting moment with each painting.