How does TigerTime protect tigers in the wild?

Through TigerTime, we are increasing public awareness, exposing the threats facing wild tigers generating effective action towards positive change.

We encourage and enable people to get involved, from grassroot initiatives through fundraising and message-sharing, to the world stage, empowering governments and key stakeholders.

TigerTime has six clear campaign goals:

  1. To increase global exposure and awareness of the threats facing wild tigers.
  2. To direct government attention towards tiger conservation and the severity of the situation, calling for urgent action.
  3. To increase social and civil action and attention to save tigers and to build global media attention.
  4. To fight for the full closure (or commitment to closure) of tiger farms, or a breeding programme phase-out. 
  5. To increase law enforcement efforts aimed at reducing the illegal poaching and trafficking of wild tigers, their parts and derivatives in both tiger range states and through cross-border investigations and transit routes.
  6. To increase support of ground-based tiger conservation initiatives to protect the world’s remaining wild tiger populations.