Philippe Chomettat (Méta) – Ocelot

Mixed Media, Original | 60 × 80 cm | Framed


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A succession of precise taps on the glass generates an image by playing on whites and blacks, shadows and lights. The surprised viewer sees a global image made up of thousands of impacts, while the animal’s gaze challenges you. From destruction to creation…

Broken glass


Fascinated by art and particularly by painting and sculpture, Méta began by drawing at the age of 12, gradually adding colour over time. Practising many techniques, he continued to produce charcoal, blood, pastels, watercolours and acrylics with a brush and a knife. Sculpture came later. Modelling would become his favourite expression mode with bronzes melted by himself. Women and animal themes soon became dominant while developing the 2D sculpture technique, consisting in realising portraits by smashing glass plates with a hammer, playing on shadows and lights, whites and greys… creating surprising works often evocative of Street Art.


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