Maxine Sheaffer – Glass Kingdom

Original, Painting | 37 × 32 cm | Framed


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Human impact threatens the vulnerable Monarch butterfly. Maxine Sheaffer created this painting on laminated glass, and, although it does break, it doesn’t shatter; while vulnerable, it is resilient; like nature. With intentional efforts to protect and preserve wildlife, Maxine observes that we can still restore balance to the natural world and watch it thrive again.

Acrylic on glass


American artist and activist Maxine Sheaffer explores mankind’s relationship to the natural world in her wildlife art. She seamlessly blends realism and abstraction using a variety of methods and materials. Maxine created her signature technique of dual-sided painting on broken glass, resulting in dynamic and multidimensional visual effects that provoke reflection on the fragility of our environment and our responsibility towards preserving it. Residing in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA, Maxine is a decorated graduate of Tyler School of Art, her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums, and is displayed in public and private collections worldwide.


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