Margie O’Brien – The Joy of Finding a Chameleon in the Rainforest – Original


Medium: Oil on Canvas Framed

Dimensions:  111 x 91cm

Madagascar, Africa’s unique island biodiversity hotspot, has continually-shrinking rainforests and rampant deforestation threatens many endangered species such as chameleons. Thanks to Margie, 50% of the net profits from the sale of this artwork will support DSWF’s work protecting endangered species across Africa and Asia.  As quoted by Margie:

“It is wonderful to realise that any sales made will contribute towards conservation projects focused on protecting endangered species.  I love the caring, family-minded approach and the innovative and flexible way that DSWF is reacting  to the constantly-changing demands and challenges of protecting our fragile natural world.”



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Postage and packing are NOT included – DSWF will be in touch with you regarding the additional payment.   The painting will be sent from the UK. International shipping costs by arrangement. Import/export costs may be payable for international deliveries. Please be aware that due to Covid-19 pandemic, deliveries may take longer, so please bear with us. To discuss any other information, please email us at [email protected]


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Dimensions 111 × 91 cm

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