Karen Laurence-Rowe -“Family Painted Dogs” Original


Dimensions:  Frame          Image

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Our sincere thanks to Karen who had donated 100% of the proceeds towards conservation.

As quoted by the Artist: ‘It was the end of my Samburu safari – my bags were packed and it was the last game drive to with the bush strip to catch the small plane out.    Supremely satisfied, I had seen everything but rhino.   Elephants in abundance, lion, cheetah, leopard, birds and antelope of all shapes and sizes –  or so I thought… The last thing I expected to run past the land-cruiser was a pack of Wild dogs… talk about the icing on the cake!!  The dogs were hunting and keeping up with them through the thorn scrub was almost impossible, I was struggling to keep upright, bruising elbows and ribs trying to point and focus the camera  – it was extremely frustrating!  Finally they stopped and rested, only for a minute,  eyes constantly searching for prey and I was able to shoot off a few pictures before we ourselves had to rush off to catch our plane.’


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Karen  Laurence-Rowe studied Graphic Design at CapeTown University but dropped out after 2 years.    She is now based in Kenya  and confeses to being self- taught in Fine Art.  Karen prefers to paint in oils and watercolour. Karen has lived in Africa all her life living in areas surrounded by wildlife.  She has witnessed the abundant wildlife of Africa diminish – slowly at first, then very quickly!  Capturing these beautiful creatures on canvas and paper, has become a bit of an obsession. Karen admits painting mostly images of elephant and big cats. She admits to  falling  in love with any animal that she is painting at the time!  They are all special and have a vital role in the circle of life. She first became aware of DSWF in 2012 and entered Rothschild Mirage – winning it was the most influential event in my career as a wildlife artist.  Since then I have donated artworks on occasion. Her greatest achievement was the donation of two large oil on canvases  which raised in total £39,000.   Karen has entered DSWF Wildllife Artist of the Year 6 times winning Top Prize in “Endangered Category” in 2012 and  then winning David Shepherd Personal Choice Award in 2017

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