Detlef Tibax – ‘Looking Out’ Original


Medium: Framed Acrylic on canvas 

Dimensions: 50 x 60cm

Sincere thanks to Detlef for sharing his talent and donating 50% of the sale to the Foundation.

Detlef Tibax is a wildlife artist and the founder of Art 4 Conservation, a non-profit that sells art and launches campaigns with other artists to raise funds for wildlife and the surrounding communities.  Having graduated with a degree in marine biology, his passion for the natural world and love for art have been defining factors throughout his life. His hopes are to reconnect people to nature and raise awareness on the environmental challenges the world is facing today


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A lone hyena, no doubt a female with pups, on the look out for danger.  Believe it or not they are very family orientated with groups of adults looking after one another.

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Dimensions 50 × 60 cm

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