David Shepherd CBE – Guildford Shed from Life Original

Medium:  Oil on Canvas only  Unsigned but Provenance Certificate will be provided

Dimensions: 40 x 56cms

Price: POA – please contact our Art Liaison [email protected] or call on 01483 272323

An end of the era of steam, David took many photos as well as painting many sketches.  This is one of his paintings that remained in his attic for many years and is the first time of going on sale. David quotes: ‘This painting is the only one I have lost a whole night’s sleep over.  A night scene in Guildford shed, I started painting at 10pm and finished it at 4.30am.  The effort was worth every second.  Paying no attention to details, because that did not matter, it was simply the steam, smoke and colours created by engines just about to go to the scrapyard.  I worked on that canvas with just the dim light of one soot-encrusted light bulb above my head. The conditions were terrible  but I hope that I managed to achieve some of the atmosphere, now lost forever.’

Thanks to the family, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this artwork will support DSWF’s work protecting endangered species across Africa and Asia.


Postage and packing are NOT included. Import/export costs may be payable for international deliveries. Please be aware that due to strikes and aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic, deliveries may take longer, so please bear with us. To discuss any other information, please email us at [email protected]

David SHEPHERD CBE, FRSA, FGRA (1931-2017) was a founding father of the wildlife art movement whose work has become synonymous with Africa, wildlife and conservation. Known as ‘The Man who Loved Giants’ for his iconic elephant artwork, for decades his paintings have graced the walls of homes, libraries, exhibitions and public spaces and excite a passion in the viewer much like the emotion he felt during the creation of his work.  In 1984 he established DSWF to channel his own conservation efforts and to fund vital enforcement and community projects that continue to make a real difference to wildlife survival. To date, through his tireless efforts, and thanks to the generosity of the Foundation’s dedicated supporters, including artists from around the world, over £11 million has been given away directly in grants to keep key projects in Africa and Asia alive and operational. David was best loved for his archetypal African scenes portraying dusty waterholes teaming with life, capturing the heat and haze of an African landscape, all of which bring to life the sounds, smells and textures of a continent he called his second home. Beyond wildlife art, David had a prolific painting career which focused on many other topics and subjects. With an equal passion and love for military subjects, steam trains, landscapes and lesser seen portraits, his numerous originals and prints are held by collectors around the world.

At the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, we sell a host of David Shepherd prints, limited edition collections and even originals to help honour his legacy of the ‘Art of Survival’ by giving back to conservation through every sale.  David was passionate in his belief that wildlife art could make a real and tangible difference to the protection of species and their habitats, and his incredible legacy has proved just how true this is, something we are proud to continue in his name today.

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Dimensions 40 × 56 cm

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