Monkey Biz – Beaded Wired Orange Pangolin Original


Medium: Glass Beads, Wire, stuffing, recycled T-shirts
Dimensions: 56 x 19 x 21cm
Our sincere thanks to the artist – Lucy Lumkwana at MONKEY BIZ in Cape Town for contributing with 50/50 split in proceeds.  As quoted: “I am a mammal, with scales to protect myself from predators.  I am a Pangolin.  I don’t have teeth but I have a long tongue to catch the ants.  I also have strong claws to dig termites.  I am a Pangolin.  I love to stay in swamped forests, grasslands, near water. I can live for 20 years but now my life is in danger.  I’m being trafficked, and being killed for my scales.  I would like to be around forever, so protect me, adopt me.”  

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Postage and packing are NOT included and will be shipped from South Africa. The artist will be in touch with you regarding this payment. Import/export costs may be payable for international deliveries. Please be aware that due to Covid-19 pandemic, deliveries may take longer, so please bear with us. To discuss any other information, please email us at

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Dimensions 56 × 19 × 21 cm






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