Rosalind Reeve

Senior Advisor, CITES

Rosalind is a Senior Advisor to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Over 30 years as an environmental lawyer, campaigner and policy analyst, she has conducted field investigations into wildlife trafficking and timber trade, led international campaigns, and actively engaged in shaping international environmental law and policy. Her experience ranges from biodiversity conservation and wildlife trade to forest and climate policy.

She has campaigned to end the ivory trade for good since witnessing first hand the devastating slaughter of elephants in East Africa in the 1980s.

Rosalind is an expert on compliance systems in international law and author of the textbook, Policing International Trade in Endangered Species: the CITES Treaty and Compliance. She is a member of IUCN’s Environmental Law Commission, and has written or contributed to numerous reports and articles on wildlife trade and CITES.

She has a master's degree in environmental law from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and a PhD in biochemistry from University College London.

Robert Hepworth

Senior Advisor, CITES

Robert's career spans 38 years in environmental protection, focusing on wildlife and the countryside. Since his retirment in 2014 Rob has acted as a Senior Advisor to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Prior to his retirement Rob worked for 25 years as a British civil servant specializing in environmental issues. Rob held the position of Head of Global Wildlife Policy and Executive Division (now DEFRA) between 1994 – 2000.

In 1995 Rob conceived and co-chaired the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW) in partnership with the UK police authorities and NGOs which is now the established model for bipartisan support for effective joint action to enforce wildlife laws throughout the UK.

In 2000 Rob joined the UN as Deputy Director, DEC, initially based in Nairobi. During this time he created a major new partnership at UNEP on great ape and tropical forest conservation and supported environmental treaties on waste, conservation, emissions and climate change. In 2004 he returned to the UK as Head of Global Wildlife Policy and Executive Division (now DEFRA).

During his career Rob has been elected Chair of CiTES (1997–2000); Chair of the equivalent body in Convention for Migratory Species (CMS) (1991–1994) and Chair of CMS Conferences of Parties three times during the 1990s.

Georgina Lamb

Head of Programmes and Policy, DSWF

Georgina Lamb is the granddaughter of the late internationally renowned artist and conservationist, David Shepherd. Her involvement in conservation started from the age of six when she started raising money for the Foundation speaking at events, a commitment she has continued to date. Georgina officially joined the Foundation in 2014 as Fundraising and Policy Manager. Having travelled worldwide to many of the Foundation’s projects, she has a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges facing conservation today.

Prior to joining DSWF, Georgina worked for, and travelled extensively with, a global strategic advisory firm based in London which focused on investing in emerging markets and business strategy. The work ranged from geo-political insights to conservation consultancy.

Georgina graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in History and Politics.

Karen Botha


Karen has over 15 years’ experience in leading and managing businesses within both the private and cultural sector and has enjoyed significant success in driving and growing the commercial and operational aspects of businesses, resulting in increased income generation and portfolio growth.

Having grown up in Zimbabwe, Karen has always been passionate about the conservation of wildlife, the issues surrounding the illegal wildlife trade and engagement with communities that neighbour areas experiencing prolific human-wildlife conflict. Using the skills she gained in business Karen was keen to take up a challenging role with an NGO specializing in wildlife and habitat conservation work.

In 2016 she was appointed Head of Enterprise and Partnerships at the Born Free Foundation before taking up her post as Chief Executive at the David Shepherd Foundation.

Theo Bromfield

Programmes and Policy Assistant, DSWF

Theo Bromfield has been working with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) since 2017 and works as the Programmes and Policy Assistant.

Having travelled extensively through Africa, visiting many of DSWF’s funded projects, Theo has a deep understanding and interest in wildlife conservation prompting him into further education alongside work.

Studying Climate Change and Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Theo intends to focus his attention on the socio-environmental impacts that conservation efforts have on local communities surrounded by protected areas.

Prior to joining DSWF, Theo spent six months in Sub-Saharan Africa filming a documentary exploring the lives of wildlife rangers in 9 countries and 12 national parks. He continues to work on this project outside work and education.