Wildlife Crime

Wildlife Crime – what we do

DSWF has been fighting wildlife crime for over 30 years. Funding anti-poaching teams across Africa and Asia and undercover investigations into criminal networks we work to protect wildlife and to establish a long-term sustainable future for some of the world’s most endangered animals.

Worth an estimated $19 billion a year the impact of wildlife crime threatens national and international security, economic development and the survival of key species. In 2015 over 1,200 rhino were killed in South Africa alone for their horn; 20,000 elephants lost their lives to ivory poachers and tigers face an uncertain future as demand for their body parts increases. Traditional customs and new money are creating an unsustainable wave of demand that has to be stopped if we are to have any hope of protecting the planet’s most iconic animals from extinction.

DSWF has recorded some significant successes. Since 2013 we have been the sole NGO funding an operation that forced one of Asia’s top wildlife kingpins out of business and convicted one of his deputies.

From grass roots to the world stage we fight wildlife crime. In the field we fund the brave men and women who face the threat of poachers every day. On the world stage we fight wildlife crime by lobbying for change; calling for a total, lasting ban on the ivory trade and an end to the trade in tiger parts from all sources . But we can do none of it without your help.

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Did you know?

Wildlife crime is worth c$19billion a year