TigerTime Campaign

TigerTime is DSWF’s social media based campaign aimed at raising awareness for wild tigers and to help save them from the brink of extinction.

“We can talk all day long about how to save the tiger – but the truth is simple; the killing has to stop! I’m not prepared to see tigers lost to the world and I want everyone who shares my view to stand with me and be heard.” David Shepherd CBE

Decline of the wild tiger

In the last century we have lost 97% of the world’s wild tigers. Habitat loss and poaching to fuel the illegal trade in tiger parts is driving this iconic animal to the brink of extinction. TigerTime was launched in 2011 to mark David Shepherd’s 80th birthday and to harness the power of social media and the world-wide community to raise awareness and funds to help save the wild tiger.

Commenting on the campaign David Shepherd said: “I launched this worldwide movement to bring together people and businesses who share my view – that we will not accept the loss of this iconic species. I am asking people in their hundreds of thousands to unite behind TigerTime. TigerTime is more than a campaign – it is a worldwide movement. I want people and businesses from all over the world, not just in Britain, to sign up. For me, this is an intensely emotional battle. It’s one we cannot afford to lose. ”

Anti-poaching, education and community

TigerTime focuses on the direct actions that will save tigers. It helps DSWF fund more anti-poaching patrols, more undercover work to flush out and prosecute illegal traders, more education and community programmes and more direct tiger conservation. Its petition to end the trade in tiger parts from all sources is designed to draw the world’s attention to the ongoing crisis for wild tigers.

There are now as few as 3,500 tigers left in the wild. Many fear that they will all be lost within 20 years if significant action is not taken.

Spreading awareness and ending the trade

TigerTime’s reach continues to grow. With over 750,000 followers on Facebook and 364,000 signatories to our petition to end the trade in tigers we are determined to continue to champion the cause of the world’s most iconic cat.

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Photo: Arka Ghosh
Banner image: STF – Photo above: Arkaprava Ghosh


Did you know?

we have lost 97% of the world's wild tigers