Saving Pangolins by Reducing Demand in China and Vietnam

DSWF is supporting WildAid’s campaign to reduce the demand for pangolins and pangolin products in China and Vietnam.

In 2016, WildAid formally launched its campaign to save pangolins by reducing consumption and eliminating demand for their meat and scales in China and Vietnam – the two largest consuming nations. The campaign uses activities designed to educate and build awareness of the poaching crisis, debunk the false medicinal value of pangolin scales, strengthen enforcement efforts and build broader support for the conservation of the species.

In 2017, with the backing of an international ban on trade and Vietnam changing its penal code, WildAid is expanding its efforts to educate the public about the poaching crisis and dispel myths about any curative properties of pangolin scales, while helping officials in China and Vietnam successfully implement the new international trade regulations.  In May WildAid launched its pangolin campaign in Beijing with a press conference attended by campaign ambassador and popular Chinese model and actress, Angelababy. They have also secured the participation of Jackie Chan to be a leading figure in the campaign.

DSWF funding will help support the ongoing thrust of the campaign including Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and accompanying billboard advertising, while detailing the plight of pangolins for the press. A press conference in May was attended by representatives from media outlets and resulted in over 120 articles and over 2.9 million views of campaign content (blog and video) on China’s Youku, Tencent, Meipai and Weibo sites and apps (in addition to over 1 million “likes”). WildAid launched the campaign in Vietnam in July at a news conference in Hanoi with the debut of three PSAs starring actress Maggie Q, Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 Pham Huong and comedian Tran Thanh.

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