Rhino in Assam

DSWF funds vital anti-poaching, education and illegal wildlife trade investigations to help protect one of the most important populations of one-horned rhino in the world.

Kaziranga National Park – designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 – is home to two thirds (approximately 1,800) of the world’s last surviving Indian one-horned rhinos, which, like their African counterparts are under huge pressure from the rampant, illegal trade in rhino horn.

What we do to protect Assam’s rhino

DSWF is the sole funder of the vital, state-of-the-art communications network, providing mobile handsets and base stations for all forest officers monitoring this important wildlife refuge. Not only has this programme increased morale amongst forest staff, but it has directly resulted in halving rhino deaths from poaching and natural disasters such as the annual flooding.

DSWF also funds equipment and anti-poaching in other rhino sanctuaries in Assam, including Orang and Pabitora. This includes wildlife crime networking, undercover investigations into poaching and smuggling of endangered wildlife in Assam to neighbouring consumer markets, particularly China.

In 2009, DSWF secured a BBC Wildlife Fund grant to buy and launch an anti-poaching floating boat camp that is now patrolling the Brahmaputra River which forms the northern border of Kaziranga.

In 2011, to support the anti-poaching work in the area, DSWF funded and established a new dog squad. These highly trained dogs pick up scent at the scene of a wildlife crime and follow it back to the criminals involved providing valuable support to the Wildlife Crime and Monitoring Programme.

Working with local communities in the area, DSWF also funds critical education programmes and alternative livelihood schemes such as pig farming and weaving as well as advice on establishing sales networks to ensure that people understand and value the wildlife around them and have a sustainable income and do not resort to poaching.

Kaziranga is also home to the highest density of Bengal tigers on earth – find out more about our work to protect them here.

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Photos: DSWF

Did you know?

Rhino horn is made from keratin - the same as your hair and fingernails