Leopards in India

Funding for Rapid Action Projects through Indian NGO, the Wildlife Trust of India, DSWF is helping to address the issue of human-leopard conflict in Assam.

Leopards are highly resilient and adaptable cats and exist in many of India’s urban areas. Habitat loss and lack of prey drives them from the wild bringing them into conflict with people and creating fear and retaliation killings. In Guwahati, Assam’s capital city, conflicts of this type are becoming increasingly frequent.

Our funding is helping to create response teams who react promptly to conflict situations and help trigger the rescue and removal of leopards form urban areas. Volunteer teams are also helping to spread awareness of the issues among local communities and the media to try and reduce the sensationalism often attached to leopard stories.

Regular talks along with poster and leaflet campaigns are also helping to raise awareness and bring every sector of society together to tackle conflict situations and avoid negative side-effects.

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Header image: Sathya Vagale – Photo above: Rick Prebeg

Did you know?

Habitat and prey loss is driving leopards into urban areas