Over the last 100 years, wild tiger populations have received little global attention and lacked any major changes in international policy. Without intervention, we risk seeing the extinction of this iconic species in the wild.

DSWF are committed to avoiding this at all costs; by adopting a holistic approach to tiger conservation and protection, DSWF fights, protects and engages on behalf of tigers in their natural habitats.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation - Our Work - Tigers

DSWF has been fighting wildlife crime across Asia since it was founded in 1984. Through funding ranger and law enforcement programmes, the Foundation provides a powerful voice for tiger conservation across the continent. Our monitoring and anti-poaching efforts in Russia and Thailand continue to help rangers and law enforcement experts in their efforts to reduce wildlife violations and protect wild tiger populations.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation - Our Work - Tigers

DSWF strives to protect wild tigers though funding conservation projects that work directly in the affected areas. For example, DSWF has funded the rehabilitation and removal of illegal logging routes in prime tiger habitats, ensuring that illegal activity and human presence in protected areas doesn’t affect wild tiger populations.

David Shepher Wildlife Foundation - Our Work - Tigers

Education and community participation are fundamental in ensuring a sustainable future for both people and wildlife. It’s vital to engage with communities, and DSWF currently funds multiple annual art competitions for children, promoting careful and respectful attitudes towards Amur tigers. Similar activities are supported in India.

The Foundation also funded a festival in the Russian Far East which attracted more than 18,000 attendees to promote conservation and to encourage respect and co-existence between humans and tigers.

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