Zero tolerance toward poaching helps protect Kaziranga’s tigers

  • May 6, 2015

Kaziranga National Park in Assam, NE India is special. A UNESCO World Heritage site it is home to an abundance of endangered flora and fauna and is the only place on the planet where you can find wild tigers, elephants and rhino living together.

The healthy population of tigers in the park is, to a degree, protected by the presence of the Indian one-horned rhino, for it is the rhino that is easier for poachers to track and kill, chopping off their horns and escaping across the park’s porous river borders.

Since 1994, DSWF, TigerTime’s parent, has been working to protect the rhino and tigers of Kaziranga through anti-poaching programmes, wildlife crime monitoring, conservation, community outreach, alternative livelihood and education initiatives. Ensuring that the people who share the park and its surrounds with wildlife understand the value of it is critical in creating a long-term, sustainable future for both local communities and precious wildlife populations.

Assam’s tough stance on poaching is also important. Since the beginning of the year 11 poachers have been killed in shoot outs with park rangers and 20 arrested. This zero tolerance approach is an important deterrent; ensuring that convictions are secured is another.

TigerTime works in partnership with DSWF and Assamese NGO, the Aaranyak Society, to raise funds and awareness for this critical work to protect one of the planet’s most amazing wild spaces.

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