TigerTime Review of 2014

  • December 19, 2014


Thanks to your amazing support 2014 has been a good year for TigerTime and the tigers that we support.

Our grassroots conservation work has continued to protect tigers in India, Thailand and Russia; we have funded anti-poaching teams, educational programmes, undercover investigations into wildlife crime, community outreach and alternative income projects ensuring that tigers and the people who share their landscapes have a sustainable, long-term future.

On the world stage TigerTime has been supporting the team fighting for tigers at the global meeting of CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) and will continue to lobby and push for change through our call to ban the trade in tiger parts from all sources. In February your amazing support meant that our call for ‘London to Lead’ in raising awareness for tigers at the London Conference on Wildlife Crime reached 18 million people.

Raising awareness and engaging wider audiences in the fight to save the wild tiger is one of our key objectives and since March our social media reach has been rising at a fantastic rate. We’ve increased Facebook likes by a staggering 1000%, an additional 40,000 people have signed up to our call to ban the trade in tiger parts and another 4,800 have followed the campaign on twitter.

We’ve also been able to turn that support into something meaningful for tiger survival with our social media supporters helping us raise almost US$30,000 for tiger conservation through the ROAR Global Giving Campaign this autumn.

Your continued generosity has also meant that TigerTime has been able to fund the vital conservation work described above and is able to support the Amur tiger, Tikhon, as is receives all the care he needs to enable him to return to the wild. You can still donate to help Tikhon by clicking here.

It’s really exciting to see this growth but we will never stop striving for more. Time could be running out of the tiger in the wild and we are determined not to let wild populations decline – not on our watch and not with your help.

In 2015 we’ll be pushing to keep the tiger at the forefront of the global agenda, engaging the next generation of tiger lovers and ensuring that tiger range countries comply with CITES recommendations to provide full and transparent reports on the captive tigers they breed and trade. It is a trade that fuels demand and increases the threat to wild tigers. We hope you’ll help us continue to spread the word and ask others to sign up to ban the trade at www.bantigertrade.com

Please keep supporting our work and thank you for everything you do for tigers. Here’s to a positive and peaceful 2015 for wild tigers.

With special thanks to the brave men and women in the anti-poaching teams who protect the tigers, Suzi Eszterhas, Michael Vickers and Alan Seymour for the supply of stunning tiger pictures. Debbie Banks for her universal tiger knowledge. Richard Symonds for his beautiful Kai. Nalla for the offer of his filming services in India. Deborah Meaden for her support and sponsorship. Jules Knight for being so keen to help us spread the word. Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon for their unwavering devotion to all animals including the tiger. Lucy Pinder and MelC for their enthusiasm and support and all our celebrity supporters who help spread the word on behalf of the tiger – see them all here: Celebrity Supporters. To comedians Simon Evans, Angela Barnes, Matt Richardson and Craig Murray for giving their time and talent to support tigers at our comedy night on Feb 2, 2015 – click here for more. And last but by no means least, all our amazing supporters, donors, tweetersand social media friends. What a great team for tigers!