Tiger range countries reach consensus on conservation

  • August 1, 2013

Thirteen range countries including China, Russia and India have reached a consensus on transboundary conservation and combating the illegal tiger trade. Through this, the nations must ensure effective monitoring and sharing of information.

“The Kunming Consensus” provides guidelines for the international community to work on transboundary management of conservation areas, combating illegal trading and eliminating the illicit demand for wildlife products.

It recommends creating procedures to share up-to-date information on illegal activities and conducting research to ensure the long-term effectiveness of transboundary landscape management.

The methods to combat the illegal wildlife trade were stated as follows:

– Strengthening enforcement against illegal trading and poaching by increasing the capacity and training of innovative enforcement methods.

– Strengthening international coordination and communication among law enforcement agencies, NGO’s, intergovernmental organisations and local communities.

This is a great step forward in increasing the international collaboration to help save the last 3,200 wild tigers. TigerTime will watch this consensus with great interest to see how tiger range countries will step up and work together to reduce wildlife crime and save the tiger.

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Source: PeopleDaily