Tiger Day reaches thousands across Russia

  • October 2, 2014


The last weekend of September welcomed a spectacular display in Vladivostock, the capital of Primorsky province, Russia, in support of the Amur tiger.

A collaboration between the TigerTime supported Phoenix Fund, environmental NGOs and local authorities, 2014 was the 15th anniversary of this colourful festival designed to raise awareness of the rare Amur tiger.  For the first time ever it was held over two days.

“Almost 7,000 brightly coloured costumed participants paraded through Vladivostok, coming together from all over the province”, explains Victoria Molchanova of Phoenix Fund, “In addition, thousands of spectators descended  to watch the parade creating a really vibrant celebration.”

Groups of schoolchildren, universities and clubs took part in the procession, competing to win the best group by chanting, dressing up in masks and ribbons and carrying balloons, flags and toy animals. The event even featured a cheerleading competition with tumbling, jumping cheering tigers!

Throughout the celebration, everyone was able to learn more about the Amur tiger in the wild and the threats the species faces.  Children were quizzed on their knowledge of the rare cat and won a small gift if they were correct.

This amazing event, which started off as a small local celebration, has grown from strength to strength and now raises awareness of the Amur tiger throughout the region touching thousands of people.  With just 450 of these rare animals left in the wild this outpouring of support gave a huge boost to the future of the wild tiger in Russia.

TigerTime’s parent DSWF, helped to save the Amur tiger from extinction in the 1980s and today we continue to help protect this amazing species in the wild by funding anti-poaching, protection, community outreach and education projects in Russia.  If you would like to help, please donate or adopt Zhorik the Amur tiger.