Tiger carcass found in Kaziranga

  • October 7, 2013

The carcass of a tiger was found in Kaziranga National Park last Saturday. According to park officials, the male tiger was covered in injury marks and the local area had pugmarks of other tigers which suggest the tiger died while fighting for territory.

“Tigers are territorial animals and death due to fighting for territory is a common phenomenon among the big cats. The carcass belonged to a male sub-adult, which might have had a fight with another tiger for territory. It’s a natural cause of death,” a senior park official said. An autopsy was carried out and then the carcass was burnt to prevent the illegal trade of tiger parts.

Tigers dying while fighting for territory is a natural occurrence. However due to humans encroaching on tiger territory, tiger conflict is increasing as they fight for the remaining natural habitat. As humans take over more natural land, the amount of conflict is likely to increase.

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