We stand with the world’s rangers

It’s World Ranger Day on Monday 31 July, a chance to show our solidarity with the brave men and women who defend wildlife on the front line of conservation. It’s what the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation has been doing for over 30 years. We stand with the world’s rangers not just on this special day, but every day.

Rangers come in all different forms from fighting on the front line of conservation to educating local communities on the damage caused by poaching. Yet all rangers have one aim: to protect the world’s natural treasures.

At DSWF we work with and fund all different types of rangers, here are a few:

Wildlife Rangers: These are the rangers who work tirelessly, watching over the world’s wildlife in many different ways. Some care for the young orphaned elephants until they are old enough to join the release herd. Others are on the front line, ensuring the most endangered wildlife on the planet is kept safe, often putting their lives in danger, often ill equipped against the poachers and not seeing their families for months.

Community Rangers: These are the rangers who help raise awareness among local communities so that they understand the benefits of protecting wildlife and how to live alongside it. Others have created women’s groups, making and selling crafts to help provide an alternative income to those living close to wildlife.

Intelligence and Investigation Rangers: These are the rangers who spend their time disrupting illegal wildlife trade routes and eliminating poaching hotspots. These intelligence led law enforcement units put their lives in danger every day, working day and night against the poachers.

Veterinary Rangers: These are the rangers who help the world’s wildlife when it needs it most. They help advise how best to look after vulnerable animals and give them a second chance at life, whether it’s a captured pangolin or a rescued elephant orphan.

Please support the world’s rangers today by donating to our ongoing Appeal, which supports rangers as they carry out their vital, daily patrols.

We believe everyone we work with is a ranger, from the rangers in the field to our generous supporters who help make a difference to the animals that we strive to protect.  Thank You!

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