On Global Tiger Day join our Global Movement

  • July 27, 2015

On Global Tiger Day join our global movement to save the tiger in the wild. With as few as 3,000 left the wild tiger faces an uncertain future. Pressure on its forest home from human development and the continuing demand for body parts for bogus medicines, status symbols and home decorations means that the survival of wild tigers is in the balance. It is in our hands.

TigerTime funds critical tiger conservation projects in India, Thailand and Russia along with undercover investigations into the wildlife crime networks that perpetuate the illegal trade in tiger parts. We campaign to end the trade and now, more than ever, need your help to reach 500,000 signatures by October this year.

It is our collective, global, responsibility to save the wild tiger and the forest homes that are so precious for our own survival on this planet. Please help

Together we can save the wild tiger.