Local company lends a helping hand to Africa’s troubled elephants

  • September 22, 2016

8th September 2016

Cranleigh based Ele’s Tyres & Servicing have donated a further £3 ,259.34 to vital elephant conservation projects across Africa. The amazing amount, raised by staff and customers, brings to almost £11 ,000 the total donated to wildlife conservation charity, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation ( DSWF ) since 2013.

“Elephants are under the most enormous pressure in the wild,” says DSWF CEO, Sally Case. “Illegally hunted for their ivory, these magnificent creatures are edging towards extinction as, for the first time in history, the death rate at the hands of poachers is exceeding the number of elephants being born.

“This wonderfully generous donation from Ele’s Tyres & Servicing will not only enable us to support the tiny orphans that are losing their mothers to the illegal trade but also to help us lobby for a complete and lasting ban on the trade in ivory.”

DSWF founded the first elephant orphanage in Zambia where the team recently rescued three tiny calves. Sadly, two had been away from their mothers for too long and were simply too weak to survive but the remaining calf, Njanji , is doing well.

“As Njanji settles in with his new family he will require round-the-clock care and attention from the keepers. And, with each orphan drinking 250 pints of milk a week, the money we have received from Ele’s will be put to very good use!” adds Sally.