Leading up to CITES 2016 – add your name to save the tiger

  • February 16, 2015


2015 is an important year for the tiger. Following intense discussions at CITES in July 2014 some very specific recommendations on tigers were adopted:

  • Countries are to ensure that their legislation prohibits domestic trade, including in parts of captive bred tigers
  • It requires those who are currently trading to report the scale of that trade
  • It requires countries to report on the volume of existing stockpiles
  • It requires countries to destroy the bodies of deceased captive tigers

Between now and the next meeting in January 2016 progress will be assessed by a working group being chaired by China.

Help us demonstrate how important we feel these recommendations are to the survival of the tiger.

Our aim is to deliver over half a million signatures to the Chinese Embassy in London in October 2015 respectfully requesting that China, in its key role as chair of the inter-sessional working group, guarantees the compliance of CITES members to all of these recommendations. Without that compliance, the future of the wild tiger remains uncertain.

Please be part of it. We already have over 300,000 signatories – help us reach the 500,000 mark by signing up at www.bantigertrade.com