Article: Dogs Are Helping To Save The Last Remaining Unicorns From Extinction – Find Out How

Tucked away in the far northeast of India in the state of Assam trouble is brewing. A rare, one-horned Indian rhino has wandered from the relative protection of Kaziranga National Park; forced to seek higher ground by the monsoon that has swollen the mighty Brahmaputra River to bursting point. The rhino lumbers toward the road that borders the park to the south – a route that rhino have been using to escape the annual floods for centuries, and the rhino poachers know it.

For decades, the demand for rhino horn has been driving the species toward the brink of extinction. Despite it being illegal under international law to kill a rhino it does not stop the poachers, or the nexus of wildlife traffickers they sell to, from breaking the directive laid down in 1977. With a single rhino horn reaching up to £48,000 on the black market it’s a risk they are willing to take…

Read the full article in the latest edition of K9 magazine that looks at the role of the Belgian Malinois dogs funded by DSWF to help protect rhinos and tigers in Assam by clicking here

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