Jungle Tattoo Supplies Vital Funding For Wild Tigers

  • April 1, 2016

Jungle Tattoo Supplies, which uses a tiger as its emblem, raised the money by donating 1% of sales in 2015 to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s TigerTime Campaign.

Tony Pearson of Jungle Tattoo Supplies said: “We’re one of the UK’s fastest growing tattooing equipment suppliers providing licensed tattoo studios with the best inks, tattoo machines, needles and accessories and we believe strongly that you can make the world a better place, whatever your place within it. The tiger is our emblem and we are proud to support such a great cause to help wild tigers flourish.”

The money will go to support tiger conservation in India, Thailand and Russia where TigerTime works to protect critical populations of wild tigers and their precious forest habitats.

Commenting on the donation TigerTime’s Vicky Flynn said: “In areas where a little can go a long way, this wonderful donation from Jungle Tattoo Supplies will help support anti-poaching patrols, community outreach and education and undercover investigations into wildlife crime. For example, just £50 enables us to reach 300 children to help them understand the importance of wild tigers and their habitats and £100 buys a camera trap, which not only helps monitor wild tiger populations and their prey but often catching poachers too!

“In 2016 TigerTime is raising funds to provide a third anti-poaching tracker dog to join Jorba and Babli in Assam, in northern India. These highly trained dogs help gather vital evidence which aid the prosecution of poachers and act as deterrents to would-be tiger killers. We are hugely grateful to Jungle Tattoos Supplies as the donation provides a significant boost to securing a new dog.”