Happy 5th Birthday Zhorik!

  • June 11, 2014



TigerTime works hard to keep tigers wild and free but sometimes we simply can’t ignore a tiger in need. Zhorik is one such tiger. A captive bred Amur tiger, Zhorik was rescued from a Russian circus after his owners failed to treat a wound in his cheek that turned septic. With funds raised by local people and TigerTime supporters Zhorik was taken from the circus and underwent a series of 19 operations to repair the damage to his face.

That he survived, now lives in relative luxury and is an ambassador for his species is fantastic so, when he turned five it was a real cause for celebration!

The party started in Chelyabinsk where Zhorik was born, moved across Primorye and finished near Khabarovsk, in Kutuzovka village with Karen Dalakian, Zhorik’s vet and children from the neighboring villages all joining in.

Amazingly, Zhorik recognized his vet and greeted him by licking his hand! Karen Dalakian explained that tigers remember every person they meet and was sure that Zhorik felt gratitude towards him!

According to Karen, Zhorik is in great health, actively marking his territory and sharpening his claws and plans are under way to find him a mate.

During the celebration Karen handed over a festive pie to Zhorik made of several types of meat topped with a ‘5’ made from a carrot. The children performed a celebration of tigers and sang Happy Birthday and left him with wishes for a happy future.

We are so glad that Zhorik survived his earlier ordeals and is now such an amazing and much loved ambassador for the Amur tiger.

By adopting Zhorik you can help contribute to his ongoing care and support his cousins in the wild. Click here to adopt Zhorik