Goods news from Panna Tiger Reserve

  • August 28, 2013

Six newborn tiger cubs at Panna Tiger Reserve in India have given a new direction to tiger conservation in the state of Madhya Pradesh as well as the country. Tigresses T-4 and T-2 have given birth to three cubs each.

The success of the re-introduction programme in Panna following the species being completely poached out  in 2009 is a good news story for tiger conservation.

Ecologist Dr Sharma, visiting the TigerTime team yesterday (Aug 28), confirmed that “given the right habitat tigers are exceptionally good breeders,” and Panna provides the perfect landscape for the big cat.

Forest minister Sartaj Singh, said that the addition of half a dozen tigers in once tiger-less Panna Tiger Reserve is significant. Today, Panna tiger reserve has 11 (adult and semi-adult) tigers including five that have been rehabilitated.

Panna Tiger Reserve has been conferred with the National Award by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NCTA) for this successful innovation. The key now is to ensure that this new generation of precious big cats remains protected.

Let’s hope that with so much interest in the success of this project that the tigers in Panna will continue to repopulate one of India’s most amazing tiger landscapes.

TigerTime’s focus is to protect indigenous tiger populations but, with more funding, we could contribute to reintroduction programmes and all-important wildlife corridors to ensure the safe migration of tigers from reserve to reserve.